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11th April -

Japanese Knotweed in the news…

News reports suggest the Japanese Knotweed is causing house prices to fall, but just how accurate is this? After being introduced to the UK in the Victorian era as an ornamental plant, it has gone on to cause untold amounts of damages, costing the UK economy £150 million each year. Growing at more than a metre a month, it is easy to see why this plant is causing so much destruction. It is imperative to have this weed identified and treated as soon as it appears.

11th March -
How easy is Japanese Knotweed to spot and what damage can it do to your home?

Japanese Knotweed is a huge problem that can get you and your property into a lot of trouble if left untreated. Many news reports suggest that Japanese Knotweed has been the reason behind a number of unsold houses, but just what damage can it cause? And how easy is it to identify if you are not a professional or experienced gardener?

10th Feb -

Japanese Knotweed Specialists – Removal and Treatment.

Plagued by Japanese Knotweed? The answer is simple. Consultants at Japanese Knotweed Specialists are here to help. If left untreated the punishment could be far worse than a garden overrun with weeds.

22nd Jan -

Why you must deal with this unwelcome ground invasion

If plants could make New Year resolutions, it’s easy to imagine that Fallopia Japonica’s would be very simple – “To continue to drive out all other plants and dominate every possible garden or site”. More commonly known as Japanese Knotweed, it is one of the most invasive and damaging plants you might ever imagine even in your most sweat-inducing nightmares!

18th Nov -

The Invasion of Fallopia Japonica
Not as striking as a horror movie perhaps, but Japanese Knotweed, to give it its English name, is a much more frightening prospect. This herbaceous perennial, similar in appearance to bamboo, was first introduced by the Victorians as an ornamental plant. 

25th Oct -

Introducing the most insidious of garden invaders -
It might initially seem to be harmless. In summer it looks quite like the bamboo which provides the staple diet of the giant panda.

25th Sept -

Fallopia Japonica -
Fallopia Japonica, or Japanese Knotweed, was innocently brought to Britain in the 19th century, and was originally used as an ornamental plant.

5th September -

JKWS Sponsor Dogs at Ravenscourt Park Show - The show was a big success and over 500 people attended along with 120 Dogs.

29th June -

The Plant That Could Cost You Your Home - Click to learn more

15th June 2013 -
Leave the control of Japanese knotweed to professionals

Never before has the impact of invasive plants upon our environment been under so much scrutiny and one of the most....

5th June 2013 -

What the The Council of Mortgage Lenders has to say about Japanese Knotweed....


24th May 2013 -

Prosecuted for growing Japanese knotweed

A Londonderry man has pleaded guilty to planting or growing the Japanese knotweed plant in his garden.


7th March 2013 -

JKWS have become 1st and awarded the ‘Tier 1’ supplier by Procurement For Housing

Japanese Knotweed Specialists are delighted to have become 1st and awarded the ‘Tier 1’ nominated supplier by Procurement For Housing for all of England and Wales for the Framework Agreement of the treatment and removal of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds.more...


6th March 2013 -

RICS launches advice for homes blighted by Japanese knotweed

Uncertainty and a lack of information about Japanese knotweed have resulted in many finance experts over estimating the potential impact of the invasive plant on properties, according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. more...


25th Feb -

Japanese Knotweed – the British Triffid

The words ‘Japanese Knotweed’ are enough to strike fear into the most experienced of property developers or gardeners with the simple knowledge that tackling this monster of vegetation is never going to be an easy task.more...


24th April 2012-
Land Remediation Relief And Japanese Knotweed

Land Remediation Relief is available to businesses who restore contaminated or derelict land such as former industrial land or brownfield sites.more...


6th Feb 2012-

Japanese Knotweed – Once Desirable, Now Despicable

Throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, botany was all the rage amongst those who could afford to spend their time wooing over exotic and unusual plants. As they travelled further afield,more...


15th Jan 2012 -
Japanese Knotweed and Mortgages

In recent years, many people have been refused a mortgage on properties where Japanese knotweed has been found. In some cases mortgages have been refused where Japanese knotweed on neighbouring land has been found. more...


27th Oct 2011 -
Source: BBC 27th Oct 2011
Japanese knotweed invasion causes Hertfordshire home price drop
The price of a couple's Hertfordshire house has dropped by more than £250,000 because Japanese knotweed has invaded it, according to an independent surveyor.

3rd Oct 2011 -
Source: CBC: 3rd Oct 2011
Japanese knotweed takes over Halifax parks
Halifax is losing its battle against the Japanese knotweed, an invasive species that is crowding out native plants in many areas of the city


27th May 2010 -

Homeowner denied mortgage after Japanese knotweed discovered
in his garden

Source: Daily Mail online 27th May 2010
A homeowner who tried to remortgage his house had his application turned down – because Japanese knotweed was found in his garden. Dave Williams wanted to borrow £83,000 but surveyors said the weed posed such a risk the building was ‘unsaleable’.


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