Japanese Knotweed Removal in Hastings

Sitting on the South Coast in the county of East Sussex, Hastings is remembered for being the site of the famous Battle of Hastings, and the place where King Harold took an arrow to the eye. An historical tourist town, Hastings has never really been a viable commuter location due to its relative isolation from both London and Brighton.

But all that is changing. With house prices in Brighton now becoming prohibitively high, house hunters are turning their attention to Hastings and finding good property investments.

New developments in Hastings

Thirty years ago, Hastings could, quite rightly, be described as a run-down town; there was a well-documented drug problem and the town suffered a noticeable downturn.

With the new housing market interest in Hastings, the area is picking up, and fast becoming one of the UK’s most buoyant property areas attracting developers and homebuyers alike.

With this renewed interest in the area’s housing, infestations of Japanese Knotweed in Hastings are being uncovered. This is most probably the effect of the years when the town was in a run-down state and the pernicious weed was left unchecked to wreak havoc.

The effects of Japanese Knotweed in Hastings

As one of the UK’s most invasive, non-native and destructive plants, Japanese Knotweed grows fast and spreads quickly. And combating its rapacious growth costs thousands of pounds every year. The borough council has a programme in place for eliminating Japanese Knotweed in the Hastings area; however, this is only applicable to land owned by the council.

The spread of Japanese Knotweed in Hastings

Unlike some other plants, Japanese Knotweed doesn’t pollinate through the air, it needs to spread via soil. This often happens when building work is carried out and Japanese Knotweed roots are spread by road works, allowing the pernicious sprout to spring up in other areas.

If left untreated Japanese Knotweed can spread very quickly and cause terrible damage to both residential and commercial properties. You can see some examples of the damage Japanese Knotweed has caused.

Japanese Knotweed excavation in Hastings

With interest in properties in Hastings on the rise, the town has also seen more of an interest from developers. If land infested with Japanese Knotweed is intended for development, it is necessary to excavate the knotweed rather than using herbicidal or stem injection methods to eradicate it.

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