Japanese Knotweed removal in Liverpool

Every year in Liverpool, Japanese Knotweed causes damage to homes and commercial properties, decreasing value and costing thousands of pounds to repair. One of the UK’s most aggressively invasive plants, Japanese Knotweed can grow through small cracks in homes and foundations, and even spread through plumbing and drains.

What is Japanese Knotweed?

In its native land of East Asia, where Japanese Knotweed can be found growing on the inhospitable side of volcanoes, the hot falling ash is enough to keep the plant in check. But in Liverpool where the climate is less extreme, Japanese Knotweed can flourish easily if not treated quickly.

Identify Japanese Knotweed in Liverpool

Japanese Knotweed Specialists in Liverpool can assist you identifying Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds on your property; simply send a photo of the suspicious weed through to us. You can also check out our helpful guide on plants that look like Japanese Knotweed.

Insurance backed guarantees after Japanese Knotweed removal in Liverpool

Selling a home in Liverpool is practically impossible if you have a Japanese Knotweed infestation, since mortgage lenders will often refuse to get involved unless you can provide an Insurance Backed Guarantees by a PCA approved contractor.

After our Japanese Knotweed treatment and removal is complete, we issue a guarantee, covering you for up to five or ten years. We are members of the Property Care Association’s (PCA) ‘Invasive Weed Control Group’ (IWG), so you can be sure of receiving a reliable treatment to high standards from an audited contractor.

Eradicating Japanese Knotweed in Liverpool

Since it first arrived in the UK in 1847, Japanese Knotweed has spread rapidly throughout the United Kingdom, not just in major cities like Liverpool, Manchester, London, Brighton and Cardiff by also to more remote areas of the country as well.

Japanese Knotweed removal for Liverpool homeowners

Our Japanese Knotweed removal experts work alongside homeowners in Liverpool to remove harmful weed growth and prevent potential damage to property. Home insurance companies may refuse to insure or pay for damage caused by the growth of Japanese Knotweed on properties in Liverpool. So, if you do suspect the presence of Japanese Knotweed, you should call Japanese Knotweed Specialist as soon as possible.

Japanese Knotweed removal in Liverpool

Japanese Knotweed Specialists use a variety of removal techniques to ensure your Japanese Knotweed is removed in the most cost-efficient and hassle-free way. This may be a herbicidal treatment, stem injections, excavation or our innovative Japanese Knotweed root barrier system, which prevents the roots from spreading onto neighbouring land.

To discuss your Japanese Knotweed removal options, please contact us or give us a call on +44 (808) 189 4398. Our team of specialists will be only too happy to discuss your Japanese Knotweed removal options with you. For a free, no obligation assessment you can also upload a photo of your suspected Japanese Knotweed.

To find out more about our speak to one of our team today on free phone 0800 122 3326 or send us a message. Download our brochure.
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