Bamboo Removal

Is your Bamboo invasive?

The popularity of Bamboo in garden centres across the country has masked the fact that that certain species are highly invasive.  It’s not widely recognised that this woody perennial is one the largest members of the grass family (Poaceae).

Bamboo is broadly split into two varieties: running and clumping.  Running bamboo can prove quite problematic and spread rapidly once planted in a garden.  The invasive and damaging properties of the plant can often be seen as it emerges through pathways and tarmac, and as such, it can often prove the source of neighbour disputes.

Dealing with Bamboo

The effectiveness of glyphosate-based herbicide treatments on established bamboo can prove limited and would require repeated application over several years.  Equally, exhausting the plant by cutting it and pulling it up can deplete the energy stored in the rhizome over time, however it is not a practical or quick solution and the plant could spread further during the course of these activities.

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The JKS Bamboo Management Plan (with an optional 5-year guarantee)

Our excavation method is a quick and efficient way of dealing with established bamboo, it provides immediate recourse for those wishing to avoid any awkward encounters with neighbours.  We trace the rhizome (or root system) of running bamboo, it will be shallow-rooted, but could send out runners up to 10m, however our excavation experience allows us to remove only what is necessary whilst maximising results.

We are invasive weed experts, and therefore understand that even employing the best efforts a small quantity of root/rhizmome could remain and send up some new growth.  The JKS 5-year guarantee means that should new growth occur we will return to remove, or herbicide treat, the new growth at no additional cost.

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