Ecology Surveys for Natural Habitat Preservation

Creating and maintaining new and existing habitats

As Japanese Knotweed Specialists, we do far more than simply clear invasive weeds from your sites, we restore natural terrestrial and freshwater habitats, so native species of flora and fauna can regenerate in their optimum environment.

Animal species we have supported include:

  • Newts and other amphibians
  • Water voles
  • Otters
  • Badgers
  • A variety of insects

With conservation of the natural environment at the heart of everything we do, we’re proud to have completed habitat projects for residential and commercial developments, renewable energy sites, utilities projects, major infrastructures, waste operations, rural sectors and many other initiatives.

Habitat and ecology surveys

Phase 1 habitat survey, also referred to as Phase 1 ecology survey or wildlife survey, is the industry standard when classifying and mapping British wildlife habitats, often for the purpose of conservation when new developments or construction projects are proposed, to support a planning application.

Following Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC) guidance, we can carry out an ecology survey for your site. We map the natural and semi-natural habitats, recording plant species and other wildlife, using colour coding which allows speedy visual assessment of the distribution and extent of each habitat type and feature, accompanied by a brief description.

With a phase 1 habitat or ecology survey, we can:

  • Identify protected species
  • Assess the implications of any proposed development for each habitat
  • Suggest practical solutions for conservation and preserving biodiversity
  • Highlight conservation and planning policy issues that might require additional habitat surveys or ecological impact assessments

Seasonal constraints for ecology surveys

Obviously, obtaining ecological information at the earliest opportunity in the design phase of a project is helpful, however, vegetation and other wildlife may not show itself in winter months. To save time and reduce cost, factoring in optimum habitat survey periods from the beginning will allow you to streamline scheduling for your proposed development.

For advice or to book an accurate and timely Phase 1 ecology survey, get in touch with us on 0800 122 3326.


Our house purchase was held up when we were refused a mortgage at the valuation stage, when a survey commissioned by the bank showed that Japanese Knotweed could be present on the property. This really slowed down the process. It feels like an unreasonable extra expense and an unnecessary cost. Thankfully, Japanese Knotweed Specialists charged a very reasonable fee to carry out a Japanese Knotweed survey to find there was in fact no trace of the weed on the property, so the sale could go ahead. Thank you Japanese Knotweed Specialists. Property developer Peri, London
We recently purchased a property in the Bromley area. The initial mortgage valuation survey reported the presence of Japanese Knotweed growing on the railway embankment at the end of the garden. The mortgage lender advised that before they would consider approving our mortgage application, we would need to hire a JK specialist to inspect the growth and provide a detailed report on the findings. We duly approached Japanese Knotweed Specialists and Adam came round to carry out a survey. Thanks to his full and detailed report on the Knotweed, our lender was satisfied and (subject to a treatment programme being implemented) approved our application and we were able to proceed with the purchase. Japanese Knotweed Specialists have now commenced their 1st treatment to eradicate the JK and their service is always friendly and helpful. Mr Winsor, Bromley
Many thanks for such a speedy turnaround of this report. As I said yesterday, this has been an extremely worrying time for us, but the efficiency, professionalism and helpfulness shown by you and Tanya has been second to none, and has made a difficult situation that bit easier to handle. Arleen, Derby

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