Japanese Knotweed and Mortgages

Guarantee for the length of your mortgage

Can Japanese Knotweed affect your mortgage prospects?

Yes, if you have Japanese Knotweed on your property you will probably find the value declines and that banks and mortgage lenders may even refuse to give you a mortgage. A knotweed infestation can be a worrying financial burden.

How does knotweed affect mortgages?

Because it grows so quickly, Japanese Knotweed can spread rapidly and if left unchecked can overtake a garden and potentially cause property damage. Problems like roots blocking drains and even damaging foundations are not unheard of with Japanese Knotweed and that’s why some mortgage lenders are inclined to be more restrictive when it comes to mortgages on a property with Japanese Knotweed.

When you apply for a mortgage, lenders often require a professional mortgage survey, if Japanese Knotweed is present they will need to understand the extent of the infestation and from this, they will determine the extent to which the knotweed has caused or will cause damage to the property. Individual lenders will then determine suitability for a mortgage based on their own policy for Japanese Knotweed mortgages.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists can remove your knotweed problem efficiently and at a price to suit your budget. Once complete, all of our treatment plans can come with a five, ten or 35-year mortgage guarantee which will satisfy mortgage lenders and mean you can obtain a mortgage.

Knotweed guarantees for the length of your mortgage

Banks and building societies are never very keen on lending money if you intend to buy a house with Japanese Knotweed present. In fact, many will flat out refuse, even if the knotweed is on an adjoining or adjacent property. Lenders know how destructive Japanese Knotweed can be, and will not be willing to risk their investment.

Herbicide treatments can take up to five years to completely eradicate Japanese Knotweed from a property, and while excavation methods are faster, they are also more expensive. So whether buying or selling a house with Japanese Knotweed lurking around, you are going to run into problems.

That’s why we offer a 35-year Japanese Knotweed guarantee against this pernicious weed ever returning after one of our treatment processes. This guarantee will be sufficient to satisfy mortgage lenders and will mean that your sale or purchase can go ahead without a hitch.

Providing mortgage peace of mind – PCA, RICS and mortgage approved

Our services are PCA, RICS and mortgage approved, and we will provide an all-round, 360-degree plan from the site survey right through to the five or ten-year Insurance Backed Guarantee. Our plans include leaf spraying or stem injection herbicides, soil screening, on-site burial or relocation and full off-site excavation.

As an extra level of reassurance, you’ll also have access to our bespoke live reporting system, so you’ll get to see photos of your Japanese Knotweed removal job, as we’re working on it – every step of the way.

Japanese Knotweed removal for your mortgage

For a free, no-obligation confirmation of Japanese Knotweed, you can send us a photo, and we’ll let you know exactly which troublesome plant you’re dealing with. We offer a range of removal methods including leaf spray herbicides, stem injection herbicides, excavations and even root barrier solutions. To see how we can help, get in touch with Japanese Knotweed Specialists.

We operate nationally around the UK including LondonManchester,Birmingham and the Midlands, South West England and South East England, Wales and Scotland.

To find out more about our home services speak to one of our team today on free phone 0800 122 3326 or send us a message. Download our brochure.
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