Japanese Knotweed Removal Costs

The cost of removing Japanese Knotweed will depend on the size of the area that needs to be treated and also on the method of removal.

Japanese Knotweed removal surveys

Before removing Japanese Knotweed, we conduct a full site survey, this allows our specialists to evaluate the infestation and advise you on the best removal method to ensure we eradicate your Japanese Knotweed for good at the best possible price.

Upload your photo of suspected Japanese Knotweed to get a free assessment! 

Japanese Knotweed removal guarantees

We offer 5 and 10 year insurance backed guarantees with all of our removal solutions and are the first company to offer a 35-year guarantee covering the length of your mortgage.

Japanese Knotweed removal methods

The most economical Japanese Knotweed removal method is via herbicidal stem injections, this takes between 24 and 48 months, since two to four growing seasons are required to ensure that Japanese Knotweed is thoroughly eradicated.

More immediate knotweed removal solutions are also available, ranging from full to partial excavations and the use of root barrier membranes to prevent further spreads.

In most cases, a herbicide treatment is the cheapest, easiest solution. However, if the land in question is to be used for redevelopment in the future, then excavation will most likely be required.

Japanese Knotweed removal prices*

To schedule a survey or request a bespoke price, please contact Japanese Knotweed Specialists.

  Size of treatment area Minor (<49 sq m)Intermediate (50 sq m to 99 sqm )Major (100 sqm to 499 sq m )Severe (500 sq m to 1000 sq m
  Herbicide Treatment£1000 – £2950£3000 – £4950£3950 – £6950£5000 – £12000
  Excavation with use of    root barriers £1750 – £4950£5000 – £9950£10,000 – £35,000£35,000 +
  Sifting and screening£1750 – £4950£5000 – £9950£10,000 – £35,000£35,000 +
  Excavation and onsite       relocation with           ongoing herbicide     treatment £4000 – £9500£9000 – £14950£11,000 – £20,000£15,000 – £30,000
  Burial on site £4000 – £14950£10,000 – £20,000£15,000 – £35,000£30,000 – £70,000
  Full excavation and         removal off site (dig and        dump)£4000 – £20,000£14,000 – £39,000£35,000 – £120,000£100,000 – £200,000
  Guarantees 5 – 35 yearsFrom £200From £200From £200From £200

                    *All guides prices exclude VAT


Our house purchase was held up when we were refused a mortgage at the valuation stage, when a survey commissioned by the bank showed that Japanese Knotweed could be present on the property. This really slowed down the process. It feels like an unreasonable extra expense and an unnecessary cost. Thankfully, Japanese Knotweed Specialists charged a very reasonable fee to carry out a Japanese Knotweed survey to find there was in fact no trace of the weed on the property, so the sale could go ahead. Thank you Japanese Knotweed Specialists. Property developer Peri, London
We recently purchased a property in the Bromley area. The initial mortgage valuation survey reported the presence of Japanese Knotweed growing on the railway embankment at the end of the garden. The mortgage lender advised that before they would consider approving our mortgage application, we would need to hire a JK specialist to inspect the growth and provide a detailed report on the findings. We duly approached Japanese Knotweed Specialists and Adam came round to carry out a survey. Thanks to his full and detailed report on the Knotweed, our lender was satisfied and (subject to a treatment programme being implemented) approved our application and we were able to proceed with the purchase. Japanese Knotweed Specialists have now commenced their 1st treatment to eradicate the JK and their service is always friendly and helpful. Mr Winsor, Bromley
Many thanks for such a speedy turnaround of this report. As I said yesterday, this has been an extremely worrying time for us, but the efficiency, professionalism and helpfulness shown by you and Tanya has been second to none, and has made a difficult situation that bit easier to handle. Arleen, Derby

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