Buying or Selling a House with Japanese Knotweed – Our 35 Year Guarantee

30th April, 2018

Japanese Knotweed— is it a deal-breaker if you want a mortgage?

Japanese Knotweed and mortgages — something to send a chill down your spine if you’re buying or selling a

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property whether you are a home owner, housing association or land owner. Why is this? Simply because mortgage lenders know all about the destruction Japanese Knotweed can cause, if it is within 7m of your home.  Strong enough to penetrate concrete foundations, tarmac roads, paving and brick retaining walls, this invasive plant can damage the structure of your house. It can play havoc with your utility infrastructure too, especially your drain system.

For this reason, banks and building societies aren’t keen to lend if you’re thinking of buying a house with Japanese Knotweed present.  Many refuse altogether, even if knotweed is on an adjoining property. In addition, mortgage lenders are also aware of how problematic and expensive it is to undertake Japanese knotweed removal. Using herbicides, it can take up to five years to eradicate completely, although excavation is speedy and effective. So, whether you’re buying a house with Japanese Knotweed, or selling a house with Japanese Knotweed lurking, you have a problem.

It could be a deal-breaker—but not if you use our services. We offer a 35-year Japanese Knotweed guarantee against this pernicious weed ever returning after our treatment process. With this, mortgage lenders will be satisfied, and your purchase or sale can go ahead without delay.

What are your responsibilities when you’re selling a house with Japanese Knotweed?

Under the TA6 Law Society form, your solicitors are obliged to disclose the presence of knotweed on your property during pre-contract enquiries, so you must tell them if you’re the vendor. Building surveyors are trained to spot Japanese Knotweed, in any case. Your purchasers could sue you for misrepresentation if you conceal this information.

If you aren’t sure, send us a photograph of any suspicious plant and we’ll give you a free evaluation.

To ensure the sale proceeds, your best bet is to employ a reputable firm like Japanese Knotweed Specialists. Some lenders insist on using a member of the Property Care Association Invasive Weed Control Group, so we fit the bill in that respect as we are PCA contractor of the year!

What if you’re buying a house with Japanese Knotweed?

As already discussed, Japanese Knotweed and mortgages don’t go together in the eyes of most lenders. If you’re a cash buyer, then a mortgage is not a problem but you’ll still have the knotweed.

Don’t let the sellers get away with carrying out a DIY job of Japanese Knotweed removal. Believe us, it won’t work and you won’t have the guarantee you need to secure a mortgage. You will also have problems when you try to sell the property on in the future.

The best advice is — know what you’re taking on, seek professional advice and get that guarantee for your peace of mind.

The first company to offer a 35-year guarantee

That’s us! What does this 35-year Japanese Knotweed guarantee mean for you?

  • If you’re selling a property, your purchaser will be able to get a mortgage
  • If you’re buying a property, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be free of Japanese Knotweed for the entire length of your mortgage
  • Should the knotweed reappear, we will come back and remove it again at our expense, not yours

Contact us now. There’s not a better solution for your Japanese Knotweed problem anywhere in the country.

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