Japanese Knotweed Removal and Treatment Techniques

03rd June, 2016

From development sites, railways, verges, housing associations, offices, to stately homes and highways and residential homes we always strive to deliver super-fast, super-effective solutions.

As you perhaps are already aware, Japanese Knotweed can be a serious problem. That’s why we take it very seriously. We employ an uncompromising, systematic approach to each and every case, to rid your grounds of it, forever. Treating Japanese Knotweed and other invasive weeds treatment methods should be preformed only by a professional and that is us.

We always aim to achieve complete eradication of the Knotweed, while minimizing where possible, cross-contamination.

All our work is undertaken within the Environment Agency guidelines and the Code of Practice including:

• We use chemical spraying to reduce the strength of the weed
• We always supervise all of our works
• We’ll set up designated clean areas with foot wash and machine cleaning facilities
• We’ll install safety barriers

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We tailor all our services to completely meet your needs following a site report. We specialise in removal of Japanese Knotweed and treatment.

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