Japanese Knotweed Specialists named Invasive Weed Contractor of 2017 by PCA

16th May, 2017

Japanese Knotweed Specialists, an invasive weeds removal company, specialising in Japanese knotweed control and treatment, has secured the Contractor of The Year title at an annual industry event hosted by PCA (Property Care Association).

PCA is a national trade body that aims to promote best practice and high standards of specialist services through extensive trainings and establishment of new industry guidelines in cooperation with government departments. To become a PCA member, one must adhere to strict qualification requirements and be validated through regular audits of company members. Property Care Association serves premise owners and household owners with extensive information on reliable service providers in sectors such as invasive plants management, grounds maintenance and timber preservation.

2017 edition of PCA’s annual Best Practice awards was held at The Slate, University of Warwick. Japanese Knotweed Specialists were recognised in the Japanese knotweed category that was sponsored by an environmental consultant PAGeotechnical. The award recognised the merits of contractors with top-quality records as well as knowledgeable and experienced employees who follow best practice standards.

Although based in Fetcham, Surrey, Japanese Knotweed Specialists operate across the nation through local teams of contractors, delivering professional services in knotweed control, treatment and removal on commercial sites. All jobs are supported by the company’s bespoke software which allows clients to schedule works and monitor the progress over the course of each invasive weed removal project.

Managing Director of Japanese Knotweed Specialists, Adam Brindle, concluded: “We feel honoured by the fact that our expertise in the industry has been acknowledged by this award. It feels fantastic to be recognised, as our team has worked very hard to contribute to raising the standards in invasive plant management.”

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