Our Japanese Knotweed Treatment Process


Make no mistake, Japanese Knotweed, or Fallopia Japonica, a rhizomatous perennial plant, is a ferocious creature. Native to Japan, Korea and parts of East Asia and China, the extent of its growth is combated by fungus and insects so Japanese Knotweed does not present the same problem there as it does in the western world, thousands of miles from its natural habitat.

Full property risk survey provided


Each Japanese Knotweed survey case is different. That is why it is vital that the treatment and approach used is carefully tailored to each of these specific cases and sites.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists will undertake a full survey on every case. This helps reduce costs, as well as establish the environmental impact and any potential risks of the treatment that is to be carried out. As an approved PCA Invasive Weed Group member we are approved by RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) to undertake surveys for mortgage purposes.


Treatment plans

Japanese Knotweed and the soil it grows in are classified as controlled waste, hence are a form of contamination. As with other contaminates (i.e. Asbestos) a management (remediation) plan is required and then implemented. The Environment Agency advise that all development sites should have a ‘Japanese Knotweed Management Plan’ (KMP). Our KMP’s are produced in line with ‘The Knotweed Code of Practice’. These plans are essential to ensure the correct remedial method and monitoring is carried out to remove the Japanese Knotweed from the site.

Guarantee & continual monitoring

Monitoring & after care

What happens after Japanese knotweed treatment has been carried out?

Here at Japanese Knotweed Specialists we pride ourselves on our monitoring and aftercare service, making sure that sites are fully cleared of invasive plant infestations, monitoring sites post treatment, and offering guarantees to give you peace of mind.


Management Plans

Japanese Knotweed Specialists has a fantastic reputation in long term partnerships with Facilities Management companies in delivering Invasive Weed solutions.

Whether it’s a one off job or a long term contract, we can assist you.