Burning Japanese Knotweed

Prevent Japanese knotweed from spreading

Controlled High-Temperature Incineration of Japanese Knotweed.

Can You Burn Japanese Knotweed?

You can burn Japanese knotweed, however, we recommend using a professional service such as our own to remove and dispose of this highly invasive plant.

Burning is one of our proven methods of Japanese knotweed removal, and it is under carried as a controlled incineration, usually at the affected site.

How do you Burn Japanese Knotweed?

Japanese knotweed is only effectively incinerated when the plant is absent of moisture – the strands of the plant need to be fully dried out. Once this has happened, then the plant can be burnt, ensuring that there is no chance of it regrowing.

Our preferred incineration product is the Burnwell micro incinerator, supplied by Kingwell Holdings. This mobile burner is hard on knotweed, but easy on the environment, and produces less noise, vibration, dust and engine emissions.

Does Burning Fully Remove Japanese Knotweed?

All of our incineration work follows our expertly managed knotweed removal and treatment process. Once the incineration has taken place, we will ensure that the affected site is monitored – here at Japanese Knotweed Specialists we not only professionally remove invasive plants, but we are dedicated in ensuring that the plant will not return to the original site.


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