Root Barriers

Stop knotweed spreading with a barrier

As an alternative to removing Japanese Knotweed, it is also possible to halt its spread by using a Japanese Knotweed root barrier. This will stop Japanese Knotweed spreading onto neighbouring land as its root system (rhizome) cannot penetrate the barrier which completely surrounds the infestation. If Japanese Knotweed does spread from your land onto neighbouring property, you could face legal proceedings from the land owners.

The Japanese Knotweed root barrier works by halting the spread of its root system. The roots do not grow much deeper than two meters, so by installing an impenetrable barrier from the surface down to three metres deep means the roots cannot pass beneath the barrier. The barrier is installed at an angle of 45º so any root growth from outside the barrier will be diverted downwards rather than punching through it.

This root barrier is a preventative measure only, designed solely to halt the spread of Japanese Knotweed and not to eradicate it. This is an ideal option if complete eradication is not possible due to financial or other reasons. Here at Japanese Knotweed Specialists, we supply root barriers with or without our installation service, as you may have access to a digger in order to excavate around the infestation and fit the barrier yourself.

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