Vegetation & Tree Management

Trees and vegetation close to residential or commercial properties, power lines or on land accessible to the public need careful management to avoid risk to personal safety, or damage to buildings and other structures.

Landowners are responsible for the trees on their land and have a duty of care to prevent, as far as possible, injury to individuals and the destruction of property.

Japanese Knotweed Specialists offer a comprehensive tree consultancy. Our tree specialists provide everything from an initial arboricultural survey to tree management services, such as felling, coppicing and clearance. Working closely with ecologists, we are able to carry out vegetation management on all types of sites, including environmentally-sensitive areas and commercial and amenity forests and woodlands.

Arboricultural reports

For private landowners, mortgage lenders, insurance companies and local authorities, we will send an expert tree consultant to carry out a tree survey, tailored to specific needs. For example, to obtain a mortgage, your lender may insist on an arboricultural report being carried out if there are trees in the garden or on adjacent properties, or woodland in the surrounding areas.

Trees and vegetation on proposed development sites can be assessed to establish what may be removed and which should remain, for aesthetic reasons as well as in accordance with tree preservation orders (TPOs). We will also consider:

  • the species and current size of trees
  • rooting areas
  • potential crown size
  • shade implications

To conclude our survey, we’ll provide a full tree report, with impact assessment, method statement and tree protection measures to safeguard remaining trees while construction takes place.

Power line vegetation management

We are regarded as experts in the field of vegetation and tree management near powerlines, to reduce the risk of power outages caused by trees or branches falling on or growing over and damaging cables. Many power and telecommunication outages can be put down to vegetation and tree damage to lines, poles, transformers and other vital components. Maintaining a reliable service, both for electricity and telecoms, is crucial. Any interruption to service can not only be annoying for service-users but potentially a major issue.

We have specialist knowledge of the laws that govern vegetation maintenance in areas with transmission and distribution lines and are rigorous in our compliance at all times.

Power line vegetation management is a specialist operation. Working next to overhead powerlines can be extremely hazardous. We operate with stringent control systems that are designed to protect our workforce and the general public. We would urge you to seek professional help.

To find out more about our Vegetation and Tree Management Solutions, speak to a member of our team today on 0800 122 3326, or send us a message.

To find out more about our vegetation & tree management services, speak to one of our team today on free phone 0800 122 3326 or send us a message. Download our brochure.
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