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Our expert team can help you identify Japanese knotweed and other invasive plants, before it’s too late.

Japanese knotweed can be mistakenly identified as other similar plants, such as Russian vine or Himalayan Honeysuckle, but it can cause a lot more damage than these plants.

If you spot Japanese knotweed, we recommend leaving it undisturbed, and getting in touch with us to confirm your diagnosis and make a start on the removal and management process.

Japanese Knotweed FAQs

View our most frequently asked questions about Japanese Knotweed that we get asked by our clients.

All of the frequently asked questions have been answered by one of our knotweed experts. If you have any other questions or concerns about Japanese knotweed and the process of its eradication, please fill in our our contact form and you will be provided with a recommended solution to your case.


Due to Japanese Knotweed’s aggressive regrowth when mishandled or disposed of improperly, Japanese Knotweed is governed by strict laws and guidelines which determine the way in which it should be treated and disposed of in the UK.

Failure to use a licensed operative such as Japanese Knotweed Specialists could leave you liable to prosecution should you be in breach of numerous codes of practise, including the risk of receiving an Anti Social Behaviour Order.

Knotweed & mortgages

With a large number of lenders and banks refusing to lend if there is Japanese Knotweed present or close to the subject property (especially within 7m), it can be difficult to secure lending or a sale.

Here at Japanese Knotweed Specialists, we provide a solution to help you buy, sell, or remortgage your property. Since mortgage lenders are wary of offering mortgages on properties with Japanese knotweed, it’s sensible to ensure that action is taken quickly. Never try to tackle the job yourself, as there will always be a risk of regrowth. Instead, our expert team will be able to identify, remove, and manage the knotweed, and provide proof that you can use for your mortgage.


As proud members of the Property Care Association’s (PCA) ‘Invasive Weed Control Group’ (IWG) you can be sure that you will receive the industry’s leading solutions to a high standard and all from an audited contractor.

It also ensures we can offer robust and meaningful Japanese Knotweed guarantees that you can rely on, in the event that you have Japanese Knotweed, to ensure you are covered if it ever returns.

We offer insurance backed guarantees, independently written and approved by the Invasive Weed Group of the Property Care Association (PCA), alongside being recognised by the Royal Instituation of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

We are proud to be named Invasive Weed Contractor of 2017 by the Property Care Association – our team works very hard to contribute to raising the standards in invasive plant management.


Japenese knotweed is incredibly destructive, despite being an ornamental plant when first introduced to Europe in the nineteenth century. This weed can cause underground as well as surface damage.

Examples of damage caused by Japanese knotweed includes driveway and pavement damage, sewer and drain damage, and even building and cavity wall damage.

In order to minimise the damage caused by Japanese knotweed, it is always recommended that this weed is removed by professionals. Our team have many years of industry experience, and ensure that your knotweed removal project is expertly managed from start to finish.

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Whether you are trying to find out if you have Japanese knotweed on your property, or you are a commercial client looking for an experienced knotweed removal company to support your projects, our brochure provides a complete overview – from identification and our process, through to treatment options and management plans.

As one of the UK’s leading contractors and consultants in the control, treatment and removal of Japanese Knotweed and other Invasive Weeds, our clients also choose us because:

  • We provide live minute-by-minute reporting with our unique scheduling and reporting technology
  • We are PCA Contractor of the Year 2017, demonstrating our commitment to best practice in our industry
  • We provide mortgage-compliant 5 and 10 year guarantees to give extra peace of mind
  • We are qualified and experienced contractors with a host of accreditations